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    Industrial Automation & Intelligence Solutions

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    Furniture Industry Welding Application
    It realizes the intelligent production from automatic raw material loading, unloading, intelligent logistics, welding and finished product cutting. With mature technology, rich cases, it can be customized based on customers process requirements.
    1.Handling welding double station:
    The two-station cooperative configuration of the handling robot + welding robot enables the handling and welding without affecting each other, saving time and improving efficiency.

    2.Using imported servo motor:
    It adopts high-power servo motor and precision reducer to directly connect design, high torque, high kinetic energy, smooth operation and high efficiency. The handling and welding robots are stable and reliable at high speed, and the positioning is accurate.

    3.Equipped with a safe production system:
    The safety production system mainly includes: over-travel protection, emergency stop protection, limit limit, air pressure alarm, safety shield, door opening and power-off, electrical protection and other functions to ensure the personal safety of operators and ensure the safe production of furniture welding.

    4.Easy to learn and operate the system:
    The operating system teaches programming, can realize arbitrary programming, is easy to learn, and easy to operate.
    Core Technology
    1. Automatic feeding system:
    The automatic feeding system can realize the material feeding of the sheet, the automatic bending of the sheet, and the automatic cutting of the sheet. The cutting precision is high and the cutting efficiency is high.

    2. Flexible automatic welding system:
    Fully automated welding with dual-station dual robots. The robot has high utilization efficiency, low labor intensity, high welding efficiency and good quality, and the product has a low defect rate.

    3. Safety and environmental protection system:
    The safety system includes the overall safety protection of the production line and equipment safety protection; the environmental protection system includes robotic welding fully enclosed and equipped with corresponding exhaust and dust removal systems. Active safety protection of production line equipment, fully enclosed welding of welding rooms, smoke purification system, and realization of smoke-free workshops.

    4. Automated logistics system:
    The workshop logistics system uses AGV transportation to save labor. The system as a whole controls material distribution in a timely and reasonable manner, and the AGV trolley intelligent collision avoidance system is safe and reliable.

    5. Visual production management system:
    Timely and efficient feedback of production activity information, realize information flow and logistics interaction management, lean production, efficient management, electronic method, flexible layout, content can be changed at any time, fully applicable to production management in all walks of life.

    6. Double air path system:
    A compressed air system and a carbon dioxide supply system are used. Achieving a concentrated supply of carbon dioxide is about 20% less than a bottled gas, and a centralized supply can save a lot of labor hours.

    7. The entire line of automation control system:
    The whole line control system is divided into the total control system, the equipment sub-control system, and the AGV control system. The equipment sub-control system and the AGV control system are controlled by the overall control system. Greatly improve the efficiency of the production line and the utilization rate of all equipment; the overall control of the line body, random combination, flexible and changeable; realize the information management of the production line.
    Plant Components
    Positional Repeatability 0.08mm
    Drive Capacity 2600w
    Rated Duty Cycle 60%
    Rated Voltage 380V
    Welding Station Economical, divided into automatic flip and fixed welding
    Workpiece Dimension Can be customized according to the actual needs of customers
    Single station workpiece weight limit 500kg
    Maximum carrying weight Can be customized according to the actual needs of customers

    Successful Case
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