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    Aluminum Alloy Container Side Box Robot Welding Production Line
    Aluminum alloy container side box robot welding production line is suitable for automatic welding of aluminum alloy container. It consists of station fit-up, side box fit-up and side beam welding station, side box manual trimming and flipping station. Als
    (1)High precision control, high production delivery efficiency.

    The production line adopts board chain conveyor line. It has flexible, smooth and reliable performance and large conveying capacity. The high-precision reversal device has precise guide rail. It has rapid action and accurate angle positioning. This can realize the positioning of inertial load in a short time. There will be little adjusting works to do about the welding. The features are high production efficiency and good welding quality,


    (2) Custom welder, stable side box welding quality.

    Side plate gantry welder and side box longitudinal weld seam gantry welder are  customized. Side beam and joint seam are tightly fit. It use the moveable gantry and still workpiece. While the plate pressing device and top side container device do the works. This solves the problem of container deformation after welded. The performance is great and stable.


    (3) Realize information management and real-time control of production status

    It adopts a centralized control system. A visual production management system is equipped. Key data, indicators, warning information, etc can show whenever needed. Feedback on production information will be given in time. It realizes the mutual management of information flow and logistics. This effectively improves production efficiency and equipment usage rate.


    (4) Special safety protection device, unique environmental protection design.

    The safety system includes three parts: the overall safety protection of the production line, equipment safety protection, and personnel safety protection. They have fault prompt and alarm function. It accurately reflects the fault location. It is convenient for quick troubleshooting. The environmental protection system includes a robot fully enclosed welding structure and a corresponding exhaust and dust removal system.


    (5)Easy inspection and maintenance, convenient after-sales service.

    KEHUI is a new three-board listed company with a complete after-sales system. The product components are standardized and modularized as much as possible. It has long cycle of regular inspections or parts replacement operations. The engineers can be dispatched to coordinate and guide the installation and commissioning of the products on site. We also provide comprehensive technical services and materials.


    Core Technology
    Complete line automatic and integrated control technology - 


    The entire production line combines the applications with higher level of design and integrated equipment. They include non-standard special equipment applications, logistics transportation applications, non-standard tooling design applications, online inspection design applications. 


    Dynamic motion trajectory compensation algorithm-

    It adopts dynamic motion trajectory compensation algorithm. The error caused by the motion of the motor and the reducer is automatically adjusted. And the precision of the compensation hardware is adjusted by the control software. The cost is hugely reduced.


    Conversion technology of design coordinate system and welding machine coordinate system - 

    The production line realizes the conversion of the coordinates of a certain feature point of CAD graphics and welder coordinates. It can obtain accurate torch coordinates. This ensures the torch in precise position. And the weld gun remain its precision location with the right posture during the production.

    Precise transmission technology - 

    Custom gantry frame travel shaft of welding machine uses servo + precise reducer (planetary reducer, RV precision reducer) and high-precision rack and high-slewing slewing drive. Its walking accuracy is less than ± 0.1mm.


    Backlash adjusting technology - 

    A unique tooth gap adjustment structure is design. It can make precise transmission. The tooth gap close can be adjusted to almost zero.


    Safety protection technology - 

    The safety protection uses a combination of light, machine and electricity. It ensures the safety and reliability of different units.

    Plant Components
    Mainly includes: aluminum alloy container intelligent production line including side box longitudinal weld gantry special plane, side gantry welding special plane, positioning device, logistics conveyor line, laser tracking system, welding platform, group tooling, side beam gantry welding special plane and control system , welding power supply, smoke purification system, etc.



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