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    Tank Intelligent Robot Welding Station
    The tank intelligent robot welding station is suitable for tank size OD 600-1200mm, length 600-6000mm. Robot walking is leaded by single side ground rail. Positioner leads work pieces rotating. They can ensure quality welding of different size and different position. The station uses laser weld seam tracker. It can locate weld seam position. Any position error can be corrected in time. It guarantees high precision and high quality welding.


    Welding of tanks, pressure vessels in chemical, boiler industries, etc.


    Suitable materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy etc. Welding method: CO2 welding Suitable workpiece OD :Φ600~Φ1200mm Suitable workpiece length:600-6000mm Repeatability:±0.08mm
    1.Easy operation, 24h continuous production without senior welders


    The station adopts modular design. Various sets of parameters can be set for different welding process. The operator just needs to choose the suitable set of parameters. Robot can quickly finish welding of straight and orbital seams. It can continuously work for 24hours. No senior welders needed. 


    2.Coordinated servo positioner and weld gun, uniform weld quality

    Coordinated reversal of the servo positioner and posture change of the robot gun can realize the welding of straight lines, arcs and other complex weld seams. The weld joints are regular and flat. The welding wave (texture) is uniform in thickness. It has excellent surfacing layers. Can be used directly after welding without further processing.


    3.Adjustable weld speed, stable and uniform weld quality.

    The station adopts enhanced servo control system. Its adjustable welding speed can decrease work piece deformation. Automatic wire feeding device, wire cutting and cleaning system ensure stable and uniform welding quality. Problems such as wire clot, air hole and slag on welding surface are effectively avoided. 


    4.First-class servo and motion control system, strong adaptability

    The station uses modular design. Controller and sensor are separately displayed. Compact sensor structure is suitable for narrow space. Special cooling system allows it to work in harsh environment. Weldable material range and workpiece size are expanded by robot walking track and positioner. It reduces further cost on the equipment.


    5.Provides turnkey projects, remote and on-site technical service

    KEHUI is a three board listed company, we have a complete after-sales system. Equipment parts are standardized and modular as much as possible. Our KEHUI Remote and On-site Service can respond to your request in the first time and provides technical support in analyzing and rectifying faults and servicing your system. 

    The tank welding station consists of M-10iA/8L robot, Artsen CM 500R welding power supply, customized welding station, UNI300 laser tracking, and customized electrical&gas control system.
    Main parameters of the welding workcell
    Welding method CO2 welding
    Suitable welding form Orbital seam welding, straight seam welding
    Suitable workpiece OD. Φ600~Φ1200mm
    Positioner motion range 600~4000mm
    Suitable workpiece thickness 4.5mm
    Suitable workpiece weight <1500Kg
    Environment temp. range -10℃~+45℃
    Environment relative humidity ≤90%,no condensation
    Power AC380V士10%,50Hz士1Hz

    Parameters of the robot
    Controlled axes 6
    Payload 8kg
    Motion range 2028mm  3709mm
    Repeatability ±0.08
    Weight of robot, robot arm, robot manipulator 150kg
    Installation Ground
    Main technical parameters of laser tracker
    Model IL-UNI-300SA00
    Working distance 240-320mm
    Detection range ±20
    Weld seam width 0.5~15
    Suitable environment -10~40℃
    Suitable material Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy etc.
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