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    Zhengzhou Kehui Technology Co., Ltd. unveiled at the 13th CIFIT

    2019-04-11 21:35:09

      April 8-11, 2019, The 13th CIFIT was held as scheduled at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center which is the most influential international trade field event. And the theme of this year's CIFIT is "opening-up and cooperation, Brilliant central plain". Among them, there are 2,566 foreign merchants from 88 countries and regions, and more than 13,000 domestic merchants.Zhengzhou Kehui Technology brought a full range of robotic automation equipment to the intelligent manufacturing and service exhibition area of the fair.

      The size of China's industrial robots market has ranked first in the world for several consecutive years and has maintained rapid growth,The robotics technology has also continued to improve in china and ranking first in the world, which with more than 137,000 patent applications.As one of the representative enterprises of the Chinese robot industry, we actively practice the development strategy combining localization and globalization. Through a series of representative exhibits and successful cases of enterprises, the project incubating ability in the automation field of Zhengzhou Kehui Technology is concentrated with the help of the CIFIT platform. Adhering to the grand concept of "make the better industry", and seek win-win cooperation for outstanding overseas partners and serve “Made in China 2025”at the same time.

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