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    Zhengzhou kehui technology reached a corporation with CIMC Group and Duofuduo Co.,LTD at the Henan I

    2019-04-11 21:13:41

      On May 30th, Henan Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Internet Docking Conference hosted by the Henan Provincial Industrial Information Committee was held at the Zijingshan Hotel in Zhengzhou.The members who attended the meeting were Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, well-known experts and scholars, intelligent manufacturing system solution providers, Industrial Internet Platform Service Provider Representative, the main in-charge person of industry and information administration, some manufacturer company and news media representative.

      Speech by Liu Wei, Vice Governor of Henan Provincial Government

      The meeting released the list of the first batch of intelligently redesigned priority recommended enterprises in the industrial cluster area in 2017. Company representative Chen Lei (Vice president) who attended the meeting and signed a contract with CIMC Group and Duofuduo Co.,Ltd.These two projects are representative projects of the “three major transformations” implemented in our province, and which is the development of smart manufacturing and industrial Internet convergence, and it will further enhance the research and development capabilities of smart manufacturing suppliers represented. For contracted users, the project can achieve an efficiency increase of 60%, operating costs reduced by 50%, and energy saving and emission reduction by 40%.

      Under the macro background of "Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025" and "Internet +", Zhengzhou kehui technology is keep up the pace, which actively assist manufacturing companies to carry out intelligent upgrades of manufacturing equipment and products, and vigorously develop information technology construction and promote the in-depth integration of information and industrialization.

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