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    Egyptian Clients Visiting Kehui on Christmas

    2018-12-26 17:37:14

    Two Egyptian clients were warmly welcome to visit our head office, around 1:00 pm, on December, 25th, at Christmas, in Zhengzhou. 

    Business scope of Egyptian clients: processing of plate, sheet metal plate, motor base frame, structural steel, industrial machinery shell, and internal components and parts, installation of main industrial parts.

    The visit is accompanied by Kehui International Sales Manager Mr. Ethan and Engineering Manager Mr. Wang. They checked the manufacturing workshop for automatic welding machines and ran a few tests for tube and plate welding. Later a business negotiation was conducted regarding the KHBL8-80 auto welding machine for tube and plate welding.

    After one day pleasant visiting, both have a great acknowledge of each other. Kehui Technology has gained clients’ trust for automatic tube and plate welding.

    Kehui warmly welcomes every sincere clients who is looking for industrial robots, industrial automatic welding solutions, AGV solutions, intelligent housing solutions, etc. We are waiting for you!

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